Zero Turn Mowers

There are many different types of lawn care mowers, but zero turn mowers are one of the most specialized and effective options available on the market. This specialized type of lawn mower is much like a standard mower with a turning radius that is described as zero inches. Most zero turn mowers are made differently depending on the brand type and model. However, is often likely that most zero turn mowers come equipped with a hydraulic speed control for each wheel, which allows for the zero turn radius.

This type of mower is available in both commercial and residential models. However, these different types of models differ in size, fuel type and engine power. Zero turn mowers are ideal, because they are designed to drive faster and cut more quickly than traditional riding lawn mowers. This increase in efficiency results in a higher price tag for most zero turn mowers.

Most zero turn mower models come with four wheels, which is seen in two small front wheel swiveling tires and two bigger tires on the back of the mower. This type of mower functions differently, because the steering does not control the wheels. Instead, most zero turn mowers come equipped with two throttles that can be used to rotate the direction of each wheel.

This results in a more controllable mowing experience. However, operating this type of mower requires more skill and knowledge than traditional riding mower options. The placement of the throttle differs depending on the brand and model of the zero turn mower.


Although steering the tires of zero turn mowers is more specialized, it is not difficult. If you change the speed of both tires at the same time, they move forward, which is very similar to steering a shopping cart. If one lever is pushed slightly more than the other, this will result in a slight turn. Therefore, you can use the throttles and speed of the tires to direct the mower and pivot the wheels. Zero turn mowers allow for optimal effectiveness. This allows you to cut close to all objects and obstacles without having to trim separately.


Zero turn mowers come equipped with some attachments that are specifically designed to make mowing simplified. A bagging system is often attached to the mower, which is used to collect grass clippings. Many owners of zero turn mowers often attach a hitch at the back, which can be used for fertilizing.

Zero Turn mowers are fast gaining recognition as an invaluable tool for the commercial and home user alike.

Many users report their cutting times have been cut by half after switching to a ZTR mower.

Whilst some people will go for a new mower, there is a thriving market in used zero turn mowers.